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Widows and their sympathizers protest since 15 years monthly in Barcelona to get attention for their low widow pensions. They represent 730.000 signatures which they have collected in different parts of Spain. They claim 70% of the income of their husbands, which was promised in 2008 by 100% of the members of the Spanish parliament. Still they receive only 52%. The widows will go on manifesting until they reach their goal. Starting in 2001 with 100-200 people, now only 20-30 people are able to walk the street: `Many of us died or are too old`. Tuesday October 25th 2016 it was 15 years ago they started their protest. After their manifestation we celebrated the premiere of the short documentary film Marjoleine Droog and I (Suzanne Liem) made about this assiduous group of widows and symphatizers. This flm can be seen under `Film`, under the name: `Volem Pensions Dignes`!