Mrs Widow.










With my activities for Mrs Widow. I would like to create awareness of the plight of widows worldwide and contribute to a better life for widows.


When I first took knowledge of the, sometimes horrible, plights of widows (see `facts`) I was upset. I like to understand why things are as they are, and therefor I have decided to use my photographic skills to show widows and let them speak for themselves!


I myself lost my husband in the year of 2000, after he suffered of cancer during 2,5 year. That was when I decided to sell my consultancy agency for pension schemes and travel the world with the camera I had inherited. During one year I`ve visited friends and family all over the world and took pictures. Back in The Netherlands, these photographs were my entree to the Academy of Photography in Amsterdam where I graduated as a documentary photographer in 2006.



In the past I watched a television documentary on expelled widows in India. And when, in 2008, a report on discrimination and divorced widows appeared, I decided to go to India and start working on projects about (discrimination) of widows.


I am always and everywhere in search of stories of and about widows. Please let me know if and how you would like and are able to contribute to this project: with contacts, ideas, financial support?

I am determined to contribute to the awareness and elimination of discrimination of widows in particular and of women in general.



Suzanne Liem