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Widows and their sympathizers protest since 15 years monthly in Barcelona to get attention for their low widow pensions. They represent 730.000 signatures which they have collected in different parts of Spain. They claim 70% of the income of their husbands, which was promised in 2008 by 100% of the members of the Spanish parliament. Still they receive only 52%. The widows will go on manifesting until they reach their goal. Starting in 2001 with 100-200 people, now only 20-30 people are able to walk the street: `Many of us died or are too old`. Tuesday October 25th 2016 it was 15 years ago they started their protest. After their manifestation we celebrated the premiere of the short documentary film Marjoleine Droog and I (Suzanne Liem) made about this assiduous group of widows and symphatizers. This flm can be seen under `Film`, under the name: `Volem Pensions Dignes`!<br /><br />Since 2001 Spanish widows are demonstrating monthly for better widows` pensions. They ask for 70% of their husbands` income. Accompanied by the police they walk slowly one of the main roads of Barcelona.   Señora Lola takes part in the manifestation since the start, eleven years ago. Señora Lola receives € 291,00 widows` pension each month. After deduction of her fixed costs nothing is left. Her family sometimes helps her out. She saves on food and can only afford the school for hairdressers to do her hair. Señora Maria receives a widows` pension of € 850,00 each month, this is 52% of her husbands` pension. This is all she receives monthly. `The house is mine. I had to convince my husband to buy it, and I had to sell my diamond ring, which was very emotional. It gives me peace to know I will not die in poverty.` After deduction of her monthly fixed costs, Señora Vicencia has got € 272,00 left for buying food, clothes, and other expenses.   Señora Nuri (77) receives a widows` pension of € 340,00 monthly. She fills in the gaps with her savings. Señora Aurea (50) has got € 1.400,00 less to live on after her husband died. She receives € 360,00 widows` pension each month. Her income used to be additional to her husbands` income who earned € 2.400,00 monthly. She can hardly get by with two sons; 15 and 17 years old. To make matters worse she just lost her job. Señora Margarita (59) receives a monthly widows` pension of   € 510,00. After deduction of her fixed costs she has got € 285,00 left each month. Her daughter pays the rent of their shared apartment, her son takes care of her telephone bills. <a href=""  class="" target="_blank"></a>